Abraham Brueghel (Anversa, 1631 – Napoli, 1697)

a) Vaso Medici con frutta e fiori; b) Plinto romano con frutta

oil on canvas en pendants
cm 99x77 cad.

Literature: Gianluca e Ulisse Bocchi, Naturalia, Milan 1992, pp 230-233, Tables 74 and 75

The dating of the paintings refers to the Roman period of the Flemish painter, that is to say to the years 1659-1675, marked by a monumental vision that will be maintained also during the Neapolitan stay.
The two canvases are: "in technical assonance with the signed overlays of the Lodi collection and are similar in size, size and layout to those published by Salerno that flaunt as supports for plant sculptural pieces of proven archaeological origin)"

€ 40.000,00 / 60.000,00