An international auction house in Naples.
In 1979 the Blindhouse was founded, a unique and futuristic super-armored vault for the safekeeping of valuables and assets in southern Italy, among the first of its kind in Italy. After over twenty years of experience, having achieved leadership in security activities, Blindhouse founded the Blindarte auction house, thus entering the art market. The Blindarte auction house began its activity of auctioning works and objects from private collections in Naples, a city of profound culture and ancient and consolidated collecting, with a single annual event which included a wide choice of art objects of different types. In the space of a few years, the excellent results and an ever-increasing turnover have pushed the Blindarte auction house to organize more departments dedicated to the management of different types of goods, which are offered in the two spring auction sessions (May) and winter (November).


Today the Blindarte auction house, a member of national and international trade associations, is a leader in the art market in central-southern Italy and is among the most dynamic auction houses boasting international record sales. The Blindarte auction house is today divided into different departments:
- Department of Modern and Contemporary Art
- Department of Ancient Paintings
- Department of 19th century paintings and sculptures
- Department of 20th century Neapolitan paintings
- Department of Furnishings and Antiques
- Department of Nativity Scene Sculptures
- Department of Design and Decorative Arts of the 20th Century
- Department of Jewelery and Watches
- Department of Luxury and vintage


The experts at Blindarte auction house are among the leading experts in the individual categories of goods. The Blindarte auction house has the ability to evaluate every type of asset from every historical period, and carries out free evaluations for all the works and objects you wish to include in the auction. Estimates are regularly carried out, with the utmost discretion, for: ancient paintings, 19th-20th century paintings and sculptures, modern and contemporary works of art of all types: from painting to sculpture, from installations to video art, and then porcelain, silver, jewellery. , watches, antique and designer furnishings and any other valuable object. The highly qualified staff is able, upon request, to carry out insured transport for all objects and works that will be included in the auctions of the individual departments. Blindarte auction house carries out transport from each country to the auction house offices in Naples and Milan in the name and on behalf of customers, and is available at any time to provide estimates suited to the specific needs of individual customers.


The Blindarte auction house is located near the Blindhouse for storing valuables and assets, in Fuorigrotta, on Via Caio Duilio, just below the Posillipo hill. The location in the central district of the western area of the city of Naples is easily accessible by any means. The convenient internal guarded parking makes all loading and unloading operations of goods simple. The Milan headquarters of BLINDARTE is in via Palermo 11, in the Brera district, a few steps from the Academy.


The website of the Blindarte auction house www.blindarte.com is followed every month by thousands of enthusiasts, and on the occasion of the auctions, about a month before the May and December sessions, it gives its customers the opportunity to consult online the entire catalogs of each of the individual auctions. It is also always available for any type of information regarding the Blindarte auction house, including the results of all previous auctions, or the activities of the Blindhouse custody of valuables and assets. From the blindarte.com website it is also possible to access the art gallery website, the online shop and the online auctions.

Blindarte E-Shop

Blindarte auction house has also recently added a new section to its website www.blindarte.com. In fact, in addition to giving the possibility to browse the catalogs of each auction online for free, it offers the opportunity to view some of the works not intended for auctions but directly on sale in the Blindarte virtual gallery. The complete list of works on sale at any time is available on the website www.blindarte.com/shop, here it is possible to purchase works of art and objects that are selected and put up for sale from time to time. For each work it is possible to consult an information sheet and several images. The payment methods for this type of purchase vary depending on the speed with which you prefer to receive the payment and consequently collect or receive the work. There are various payment options for the works on the website www.blindarte.com: paypal, credit card, bank transfer. If requested, payment can also include shipping the work by carrier to the address requested by the customer, which can be his own or any other. The buyer will therefore be able to receive the work within a few days of purchase at any desired address in Italy or abroad.

Agreement with Monte Paschi di Siena

The Blindarte auction house and the Blindhouse custodian of valuables and assets concluded an agreement in 2010 with Monte dei Paschi di Siena for collaboration on the exchange of professionalism between the evaluation activities of works of art and the investment activities of the Family Offices of the banking institution and in relation to the organization of large-scale cultural events.

Collections at auction

Blindarte organizes the auction sale of important collections from the most varied historical periods and typologies. Among the most successful auction sales is certainly the AUCTION OF THE TIRRENIA ART COLLECTION, an important collection begun in the early twentieth century by the famous Shipping Company. The auction took place on 23 November 2013 in the historic headquarters of Tirrenia, in Palazzo Carovita di Sirignano in Naples, where for a very long time the approximately 120 works "with a marine vocation" had been exhibited, causing the Neapolitan auction house to record a unexpected record of turnover, awards and sales (around 95%). Among the other collections for which BLINDARTE has managed the sale we remember the KEMALI collection, the collection of hunting trophies by Giorgio Visocchi, and paintings from important noble families both from Naples and from other cities.

Blindarte Milan

Since 2016, the Blindarte auction house has opened a new space in Milan in the Brera area, in the site of the former Minguzzi Museum. Renovated to a design by architects Sila Barracco and Mauro Smith, the new space of approximately 600 square meters, with a main room that is somewhat reminiscent of the nave of a church, although it has never been, flanks the Neapolitan headquarters in the various branches of activity .