Modern and contemporary art

Modern and contemporary art

Modern and contemporary art and design objects

Opened in 2004, the BLINDARTE modern and contemporary art and design department quickly established itself on the Italian and international market, achieving increasingly significant results over time.
The qualitative selection of the works takes place strictly among private individuals, often among the most significant Italian collectors and recently also among international ones.
The collected works concern the most diverse media and historical periods, starting from the early twentieth century, with great attention to futurist productions and those of the Bauhaus period, up to the more contemporary productions of talented emerging Italian and foreign artists, and make the catalogs of Blindarte's Modern and Contemporary Art auctions are an important tool for both sector operators and art enthusiasts.
Already from the first auction catalog in June 2005, the sale of an important painting on canvas from the 1960s by Mario Schifano marked the beginning of a series of well-recognized successes in the art market.
Among the artists treated most successfully by BLINDARTE, Robert Rauschenberg should undoubtedly be highlighted, an artist who is closely linked to the Neapolitan art scene due to his long collaboration with the gallery owner Lucio Amelio. Among the works that set records at BLINDARTE: Pompei Gourmet Kitchen Glut sold for €208,100.00 in the 2006 auction, Albino Spring Glut sold for €536,750.00 in May 2008, Getone (Spring 1988 Glut) sold for € 378,340.00 in May 2016 and Parsons' Live Plants Ammonia (Cardboard) sold for €628,400.00 in the auction on 4 December 2019. Another artist who has achieved important international successes is Joseph Beuys, his work KUNST=KAPITAL was sold at the May 2009 auction for approximately €135,000.00. Andy Warhol is also an artist who is among the most successful for BLINDARTE. In addition to the famous serigraphs: Vesuvius, Marylin, Mao etc. There are also several successes for the sale of paintings, including the Portrait of Lella sold for over €157,000.00 and the Portrait of Princess Giovanna Pignatelli of Aragon Cortés, sold in 2018 for €207,500.00.

In 2013, BLINDARTE also managed to complete the auction sale which would remain a great record for the Neapolitan auction house of the Tirrenia art collection for a long time. The sale will record an extraordinary success, with over 90% sold and very important awards including the large canvas by Mario Sironi entitled The Great Composition (Figures alluding to life on the sea), sold for around €350,000.00. An important sale also dates back to the same year for a painting by Mimmo Paladino, Untitled, sold for over €160,000.00, while in the November auction a beautiful large work by Gilbert & George was sold, coming from the personal collection by Lucio Amelio, for €137,000. Other important successes for the department were in the May 2014 auction with the sale of the imposing sculpture by Franz West for €159,000.00 and in the same auction the sale of the silkscreen on mirror by Michelangelo Pistoletto, Woman on the stool, sold for almost €120,000.00; the sale in May 2015 of a large canvas by Pier Paolo Calzolari from 1969 for €153,000 and of an important work by Alighieri Boetti for over €100,000.00, the sale in November 2015 of a large canvas by Piero Dorazio Long distance II for approximately €212,000.00 and another work by Boetti entitled Copertine (March 1983), sold for over €135,000.00.

In May 2016, with the inauguration of the new Milan branch in Via Palermo, sales increased and set new records including: the sale of a canvas by Daniel Buren from 1969 sold for around €360,000.00, in 2017 a work by Cy Twombly at almost €470,000.00 and Gut V by Anthony Gormley at €337,000.00. The May 2018 auction highlighted the sales of works by Andy Warhol and Richard Hambleton, with an award that caused a sensation: Opening, an acrylic on canvas from 1983 estimated at €7,000/10,000, attracted the attention of many interested above all from the States who participated en masse in the auction and after many bids the work was finally sold for the sum of €183,000.00, marking the world record for the artist.

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