Sell with Blindarte

Sell with Blindarte

The BLINDARTE auction house team, throughout the year, will be happy to provide free valuations and guidance to those who wish to offer for sale paintings, sculptures and works of ancient, modern and contemporary art, including installations and videos, antiques, modern and collectables, porcelain, silverware, jewellery, watches and any other valuable object. Our experience, our excellent knowledge of the market and our solid positioning at national and international level allow us to guarantee the seller the best results for the works he has decided to entrust to us for sale.

Before the sale

Collectors interested in including works and/or objects in our auctions are invited to email us pictures of the works, together with their descriptions. Our experts, on the basis of the e-mails received, will carry out an initial study necessary to indicate the auction house's interest and to draw up an initial valuation before defining the conditions for the sale of the goods. BLINDARTE may propose different ways of selling the works and/or goods, selecting each time the one that the experts consider most suitable:
- physical auctions
- online auction
- shop online
- gallery
The material submitted should be as complete as possible to enable the BLINDARTE experts to make an initial assessment. The material should include:

- an image of the front and back, with details of the signature and/or numbering and/or labels, brands, stamps and everything else that appears affixed to the work.
- the description of each work with: name of the artist, date of execution, dimensions and technique
- any information or document that allows us to know the work, its ownership and its curriculum with particular attention to the relevant provenances (artist or art gallery, or known art collections)
- any certificate, publication and/or purchase invoice that accompanies the work.
- any indication of damage, defect or restoration work carried out on the work of which the owner is aware.

These initial evaluations are made on the basis of images received via e-mail, therefore they may undergo changes following direct viewing of the works.
The material is sent at the responsibility of the person sending it, in doing so BLINDARTE is implicitly authorized to use all the information for the purposes of reconstructing the history of the work and for the purposes of its evaluation. BLINDARTE will therefore be authorized to send the images and all information to the experts, internal and external, to the artists and/or to the artists' archives, and will be indemnified from any liability that may arise as a result, for which sole responsibility will be the person who sent the materials (even in the hypothesis that the sending took place without authorization from the third party legitimate owner of the goods).
Upon delivery of the works, both at the Naples and Milan offices, the seller will be issued a delivery document listing the works and general characteristics as well as an initial indication of value. From this moment on, BLINDARTE is authorized to study the works, send the characteristics (images, descriptions and all documents and/or information) to its experts, internal and external, and the artists and/or to their archives and will not be responsible for any consequences. At the appropriate time (which may also coincide with delivery) a "MANDATE FOR SALE" contract will be signed in which all the conditions of sale and the rules governing the contract are listed.

After the sale

In the days following the auction, the seller will be informed by publishing the results obtained on the site. In the event that the work has found a buyer, the seller will have to wait for the collection and delivery of the work before sending his IBAN for the bank credit due to him, which will be calculated net of auction commissions, of the resale right and any other expenses incurred or to be incurred on behalf of the seller. In the event that a work has not found a bidder, the seller, having awaited the terms for further sales attempts indicated in the contract, may agree with the relevant department on the withdrawal of the good or the possibility of re-offering the work or the works in a subsequent auction or in the online shop.

Delivery of works / objects

The works must be delivered in advance of the appointment date. This time is necessary for the verification of the asset by our experts and for the preparation of the catalog and the exhibitions that precede the various auctions.

The transport of the works is the responsibility of the seller. The BLINDARTE team remains available to assist the seller in organizing transport and delivery or collection at our offices in Milan or Naples.
For a more punctual service, interested parties are invited to contact us well in advance of the sales appointments, scheduled for spring and autumn.
The evaluations provided by BLINDARTE are the subject of study and work by senior professionals in the field, and can also be requested independently of inclusion in the auction, but upon payment of a fee to be calculated at the discretion of the auction house. It is also possible that, should the applicant not follow up on the sale of the works in BLINDARTE's auctions, the latter at its discretion may request compensation for the evaluation work carried out.

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