Carlo Bonavia, (Roma, 1730 – Napoli, dopo il 1788)

a)Pescatori all'alba a Marechiaro b)Pescatori al tramonto alla Gaiola

pair of oil on canvas
cm 60x85 each

Provenance: Naples, De Giovanni Collection

  formerly Naples, Blindarte auction n. 50 11 December 2011 lot 126, acquired there

Despite the growing number of his works that have come to light, Carlo Bonavia remains a mysterious figure in the panorama of Neapolitan art history: little is known about his life beyond the time span of his activity between Naples and Rome. Although Bonavia appears to have trained in the Neapolitan landscape tradition of Salvator Rosa and Leonardo Coccorante, he was strongly influenced by the French painter Claude-Joseph Vernet. Bonavia's paintings share with those of Vernet a delicate palette and a very atmospheric approach to the landscape: the evocative paintings proposed here, in addition to being a rare and splendid example of a pair of views of Naples, with the almost idyllic alternation between the light of sunrise and sunset, constitute an important testimony of this.

**The procedure for the Certificate of Free Circulation has been started for this painting

€ 40.000,00 / 50.000,00