Spagna, prima metà XIX secolo

Allegoria del buon governo di Ferdinando VII Re di Spagna

watercolor drawing
cm 43x45
"Sic floret decoro decus" ( So the beauty shines for decorum) says the band of Prosperity.
Allegory of the King’s paternal good governance, with allegorical representations of the arts and abundance returning to Spain thanks to Fernando VII.
In the center the idealized figure of the Sovereign accompanied in the glory of time while on the left Virtue overcomes Discord and Anarchy.
In the background a glimpse of the Royal Palace of Madrid with the Throne Room.
It could be compared for the theme, to the engraving preserved at the National Library of Madrid entitled "El gobierno paternal de nuestro muy Amado rey Fernando VI".
€ 3.500,00 / 4.000,00
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