Alfonse Van Beurden
(Belgio, 1854 - 1938)

Ragazzo alla fontana

Bronze sculpture
cm 52x16x27

signed on the left side of the marble base

Presentation model in bronze and precious marble of the famous fountain by the sculptor Alfons van Beurden (1854-1938) for the universal exhibition in Antwerp in 1890.
The Belgian sculptor created the subject in symbiosis with the "acquaiolo" exhibited ten years earlier by Vincenzo Gemito at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, from which he had drawn emotion and artistic inspiration for his work.
The fountain is currently kept in the collections of the KMSKA - Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp with inventory number 2142.
Antwerp 1890

€ 3.500,00 / 5.000,00
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