Francesco Liberti (Napoli, XIX secolo)


terracotta model
h cm 22

signed Liberti on the bottom left of the base

Francesco Liberti was a sculptor whose art adorned the city of Naples during the nineteenth century.
Along with a group of other talented artists, including Tito Angelini, Tommaso Arnaud and the Cali brothers, Liberti played a key role in the renovation of the Royal Palace of Naples.
The staircase defined by Montesquieu in 1729 " le plus beau escalier d'Europe" underwent a transformative renovation between 1838 and 1842 according to an ex novo marble project by architect Gaetano Genovese.
To the Liberti we owe the collaboration for the neoclassical ornaments.
His one of the two allegorical bas-reliefs on the side passages of the great space of the Grand Staircase of Honor: on the right, The Victory between the genius of Fame and the Value of Salvatore Irdi; on the left, The Glory among the symbols of Justice, War, Science, the work of Francesco Liberti. In the gardens of Italy of the Royal Palace of Naples the statue of Italy turrita and Stellata dated 1861. In the Courtyard of the Statues of the Pontanian Academy of the University of Naples, the statue of Giovan Battista Vico dated 1863. On the facade of the Church of Santa Maria dei Vergini in Naples, the statue of the Immaculate Conception.
A bronzed plaster with a theme very similar to that narrated in our terracotta is instead in the collections of the Museum of Capodimonte.

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