Filippo de Pisis ©  
(1896 - 1956)

Londra, 1933

Signed and dated De Pisis Londra 1933 lower left and De Pisis lower right
Oil on canvas glued on cardboard
cm 40,4x28,6 ca


Private collection, Milan

Artwork registered at the De Pisis Archive, curated by the Association for Filippo De Pisis, Milan, with number 05908 as per certificate issued on 3 October 2023


The 1933 artwork presented is the result of a series of short stays by Filippo De Pisis (Ferrara, 1896 - Milan, 1956) in London, a city in which he also made friends with the English painter Vanessa Bell and with the Scottish artist Duncan Grant. In the painting, recorded and archived at the artist’s association, De Pisis manages to capture a moment of the London atmosphere through rapid brushstrokes, light and pleasant color combinations, typical of the impressionist technique that De Pisis made his own and that generated a painting that Eugenio Montale loved to call «flared fly». (from the presentation of the exhibition Filippo De Pisis at the GAM in Turin, from 14 April to 3 July 2015)

«De Pisis is, in short, the greatest landscape painter of our century», wrote Francesco Arcangeli in 1954. «Paris, London, Venice, Rome, Milan are like the great hive in which the senses and mind of the painter buzz, vibrate to an almost obsessive tuning fork». Of course, much is due to the poetic quality of the British capital, overflowing stacking of gray and black, red and green, which guaranteed de Pisis the deposition of the world, as if it were «pulverized, on absorbent paper» and the subsequent crystallize in many, small "Londre", which, for Ezio Raimondi, were destined to survive forever, «as closed poems in prose, as "illuminations" to stand with the prose of Rimbaud». (from "London of De Pisis" by Sisti Andrea, Genova, Città del Silenzio Editore, 2009). 

€ 16.000,00 / 22.000,00