Giulio Turcato ©  
(1912 - 1995)

Superficie lunare, 1972

Signed Turcato lower right
Oil and mixed media on foam
cm 71,5x103,5 (artwork) - cm 88x118,5 (frame)

Galleria Russo, as per stamp on the reverse and on the certificate;
Antonio Celsi Collection, Pescara;
Private collection, Milan

Artwork registered at the Giulio Turcato Archive, Rome, with the code 181293261222, as per the certificate with the artist's handwritten signature and inscription on the reverse

Blindarte kindly thanks the Archivio Giulio Turcato, Rome, curated by Stefano Caruso, for having confirmed by email the authenticity of the artwork and for the help in compiling this sheet


"The artist is an astronaut who works with imagination" (Giulio Turcato interviewed by Claudio Verna, 1986).

At the end of the 1950s and during the 1960s Giulio Turcato (Mantua, 1912 - Rome, 1995) enthusiastically followed the space feats and the historic landing of Apollo 11 on the Moon. Enterprises that push Turcato to make the canvas the place of interplanetary conquest, using unusual tools for painting and yet very effective for its purpose, such as foam rubber and sand, the union of tar oil, silver powders. This is how the "Superfici lunari", probably one of the most significant works of Turcato’s artistic production, was born from his peeking out of the windows during plane trips, from studies of astronomy, from stories and images of the news.

Perfect evidence is the "Superficie lunare" of 1973 presented here, in which orange lines of pure energy are arranged on a silver surface clear representation of the Moon. The work is a vibrant field crossed by inserts and bulges in which the choice of materials plays a fundamental role, in fact as the artist himself states: "I use foam rubber because its scabrous crust is full of new events and wonder" ("Birth of a nation - Il monocromo come spazio di libertà", curated by Luca Massimo Barbero and Francesca Pola).

€ 35.000,00 / 45.000,00
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