Vincenzo Migliaro
(Napoli, 1858 - Napoli, 1938)

Veduta di Castel Sant'Elmo

oil on cardboard
cm 24x28,5
signed Migliaro in the bottom left
On the reverse is mentioned a pencil drawing of the same view represented on the front.

According to a written communication of Prof. Mariantonietta Picone of 2013, the work presented here "is certainly the work of Vincenzo Migliaro and certainly belongs to a type of production performed by the painter not so much for commercial purposes, but as a personal study aimed at the effects of light and the modulations of color". These features combine the painting with a series of studies, almost all unpublished, aimed at the sea and the rocks of the island of Capri. The point of view from which Migliaro takes up the view of Castel Sant'Elmo is most likely the so-called Calascione, more precisely the terrace of his house in Pizzofalcone, near the Annunziatella, where the painter moved in the 1890s.
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