Domenico Gargiulo, detto Micco Spadaro (Napoli, 1610 -1675)

Lot e le figlie

Oil on canvas
cm 60x69
Provenance: Ancient picture of a Sorrento family.
Probably already an ancient collection of the jurist Ettore Capecelatro

Exhibitions: Micco Spadaro. Napoli ai tempi di Masaniello, Napoli, Museo Nazionale di San Martino 20 April 2002 - 30 June 2002

Literature: Exhibition catalogue - Micco Spadaro. Napoli ai tempi di Masaniello - Naples, 2002, page 90
Giancarlo Sestieri, Brigitte Daprà - Domenico Gargiulo detto Micco Spadaro. Paesaggista e «Cronista» napoletano  - Rome, 1994, p. 164

In the catalogue of the exhibition Brigitte Daprà writes: "It is a painting dating back to the late 1940s and shows above all in the female figures, a strong Cavallinian influence, also for the chromatic imprint, characterized by warm tones, especially brownish-red. The figure of the angel evokes, both for the appearance of the face and for the body turned , precise memories of Aniello Falcone with references to early Neapolitan naturalism in particular Ribera and Francesco Fracanzano. In the still life on the table there are also echoes of this kind practiced in Naples in those years by various specialists. It could be identified with "A Lot of 2 and 2 1/2 by Domenico Spadaro with gold frame D.8", described in the inventory of works of art owned by Ettore Capecelatro, drawn up by Gargiulo himself in 1659 (cf. Labrot 1992, p. 114)".
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€ 20.000,00
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