Scuola napoletana, fine XVII inizi XVIII secolo

Anguria, melone, fichi e altri frutti su un piano en plein air

oil on canvas
cm 85x117
The work is accompanied by a written communication by Prof. Giancarlo Sestrieri, in  20 January 2001, suggesting that the painting was authored by the painter Alberto Lionelli.
The painting is comparable in style and composition to other works of the artist, including the pair from the Museum of Fine Arts in Nantes (see La Natura morta in Italia, Electa ed. Milano 1989, II, n. 20, p. 990) and three works, including a pendant of ovals, in private collection, published by L. Salerno (Nuovi Studi sulla Natura Morta Italiana, U.Bozzi, ed. Roma 1989, nn. 123 bis - 124-125, pp 126-127) which also gives news of his painting that would bear the artist’s signature in full.
Lionelli is inspired by the exhibition taste participating in the wave of scenographic decorativism brought by Brueghel, and explained by other artists such as Casissa, Lopez, Blackboard, Melancholic and others, which tend to compositions in which the naturalistic imprint of the individual elements gives rise to representations of striking spectacular effect.
€ 30.000,00 / 40.000,00
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